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Fluke 02:57
Perfect time and the perfect place, Couldn't have it better if you tried. Talk about given to you on a plate now, but you're used to it so you push it aside. I don't wanna know whats in your way, because you're fluking it again and shoving it away. No matter what you do it turns out fine. Mistakes are fiction in your mind. Talk about given to you on a plate, but you're used to it so you push it aside.
The Moment 02:58
All alone no confrontation, the perfect situation. On and on and on it goes. Coming out of hibernation, first class rejuvenation. On and on and on it goes. It's inside me. So it flows. Its inside me. No-one knows.
D5 02:42
It's the only way to notice, the only way to know. It's the only way to speed it up, the process is too slow. It's the only way no looking back, time for moving on. It's the only way to beat the day cos everything is wrong. Nothing left to say, We're leaving here today. Cos no-one knows, what to do. I know it's wrong and so do you. No-one knows, what to say. I know it's wrong but, they think that it's okay.
Switchstance 02:45
Happy times I spent alone, away from comforts, off I roam, it makes no sense to me. I need nothing else. Weather's shit no place to sit, stress of life just falls to bits and no-one ever knows. Need nothing else. Nothing stops my engine turning, I keep going 'til I'm burning. Nothing much is thought provoking, when you're in my head with me. But even still, I like to feel that everything I say is real to me. Easy, nothing goes my way. Concentrations lapsing every minute of the day. Easy, time for nothing else. When everything is failing then just stick me on the shelf.
Serious 03:05
I can say that I'm okay, but I can hide it anyway. You won't see no cracks appear 'cos I've been training for a long time. You can't tell from her outer shell, that she made it through a living hell. But that's something we've got in common. It always seems we're doing fine. But there's no reason for us to stay in here, As I fear. It's running around in circles in my mind. Safe to say 'soon come the day', and all her (our) pain will go away. And yours will heal you (kill you) Every minute of every day, the memories will fade away. But there's always a small reminder, and that's what helps us carry on. You can't tell from her outer shell, that she made it through a living hell. But that's something we've got in common. It always seems we're doing fine.
Permanent 03:03
It's disturbing and it caught me by surprise. Looking for some final protection, aint gonna find it inside. I know time's not on my side now. Holding on for my dear life now. Left in the middle as the time goes by. Caught in the middle as the time goes by. Caught in the middle as the tide goes by. Caught in the middle as it crashes by.
National 01:54
It only takes one look to see what's going on. Half an hours waiting time seems like an hour long. And then it's heaving with the smell of alcohol. Doors shut and we're moving but we're moving bloody slow. You're always UP. One chav takes the other by the arms and starts to shout. Kappa kid begins to sing they all just f@ck about. 55's as easy drive with knuckles white to stay alive. We all touch down to earth again and stagger in the dark...
I know it's time to make a difference. Don't know what you've been waiting for?! Don't know what to do, Don't know what to say. Don't know what to do but we're giving you something and you're taking NOTHING! I know it's awkward. But you get what you want. Get it together, before the chance is gone.
Codswallop 00:31
Du ater bjorn bajs (fladdermus bajs)
Girlfriend 02:46
Crantock 03:00
It's here, the time of year, that I just love. I wanna be out, I wanna be outside and not in a pub breathing clean air, and not sweaty pits. Too many people in my space... I'll race ya There is no other place I'd like to be now. There is no other view, I'd like to see now. Relax put your feet up and enjoy the show cos this is your time it's not my time I'll slip away. Sand between your toes and very little clothes grab your board I hear it calling... I'll race ya I slowly paddle out where no-one is about. It's what it's all about.


This is a special compilation put together as a gig only offer, limited edition.
We have decided to benchmark our progression as a band and release this also as a limited edition download.

We have included our cover version of 'Girlfriend' originally by The Senseless Things.

I hope you enjoy the collection of tracks and are prepared for phase 2 of Philtrum!


released November 2, 2017

Paul Pearson, Leo Dee, Rob Speed, Gavyn Payne, James Styles, Greg Webster and Dave Shallow


all rights reserved




Started in 2011.
Been playing melodic 90's style punk rock ever since.
Supported bands such as Wonk Unit, Southport.

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